2021 3rd International Conference on Logistics System, Traffic and Transportation (LSTT 2021)
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Keynote Speakers

徐维祥 116-160.jpg

Prof. Weixiang Xu

Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Research Area

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Transportation System Analysis and Integration

  • Transportation Management Modernization and Information Technology

Keynote Speech

Research on Maintenance of Rail Transit Switch Machine Based on Big Data


Turnout equipment, as a key component to ensure the safe operation of trains, is a key maintenance object for railway engineering and electrical services. Due to its own installation, external environment, and wear and tear, the equipment will malfunction or even fail to operate, posing a hidden danger to driving safety.

In this research, first, use big data technology to study the mechanical motion characteristics of turnout equipment, discover and extract the data characteristics of key parameters. Secondly, classify the mechanical characteristic data and explore its association with turnout failures and hidden dangers. Third, the machine learning method is used to analyze the similarity of the mechanical characteristic data when the switch moves, and the optimal threshold is determined to diagnose the fault. Fourth, realize the intelligent diagnosis of switch faults under the background of big data. Finally, the comprehensive electrical characteristic data is used for the judgment and early warning analysis of the turnout working condition, which provides support for the state repair and preventive repair of the turnout equipment.


Prof. Lei Yang

South China University of Technology, China

Research Area

  • Logistics Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Operations Research

  • Stochastic Processes  

Keynote Speech

Choice of technology for emission control in port areas: A supply chain perspective

刘辉 116-160C.jpg

Prof. Hui Liu 

School of Traffic & Transportation Engineering, Central South University, China

Research Area

  • Big Data on Transportation and Energy

  • Intelligent Carrier Robot

Keynote Speech

Big Data Prediction Methods and Applications in Smart Logistics and Intelligent Transportation Systems


The keynote talk will present the big data forecasting techniques for the key aspects (e.g., urban rail, traffic environment, traffic energy, etc.) of smart cities, and explores three key areas that can be studied using big data prediction in the smart cities, such as grid energy, intelligent train systems and environmental health. Some new time series processing and forecasting strategies are provided. The big data prediction methods and applications proposed in this talk can provide some useful references for the development of intelligent traffic systems and smart cities.

胡启洲 116-160.jpg

Prof. Qizhou Hu

College of Automation, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China

Research Area

  • Traffic Control

  • Intelligent Traffic

  • Rail Traffic Safety Management

Keynote Speech

The Development Trend and Feasibility Study of Ultra-high-speed Railway


Railway is the first step in the strategy of a powerful country in transportation.  As an important part of the transportation power, high-speed railway has become the mainstream development mode of the world’s transportation industry with its safe, reliable, fast, comfortable, and large-capacity transportation method. It have a certain impact on the country’s economy, society, and global competitiveness and the world has also entered the era of high-speed rail. However, with the advent of the post-high-speed rail era, the speed of high-speed rail no longer meets people's requirements, and people hope that faster railways will appear. Therefore, ultra-high-speed railway has become a research hotspot in various countries. Based on the interpretation of the development trend of ultra-high-speed railways, this report analyzes the feasibility of ultra-high-speed railways theoretically, and interprets the reliability and operability of ultra-high-speed railways technically.